Wastewater Treatment

Historically, society has shown a great lack of interest in the protection of the environment and water resources in particular. For years, we were able to dump our wastes with little or no treatment back into the nearest watercourse. As long as there was enough dilution water, nature took care of our disposal problems.

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The composting process used by the GMWC combines bottom aeration and a cover system. The key to the composting process is the mix ratio of biosolids and wood waste consisting primarily of bark and ground forestry waste. The bulking material provides a source of carbon but is essential in obtaining a porosity that facilitates the migration of air for a thorough and complete aerobic process.

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Annual Sustainable Challenge

TransAqua and its staff are embarking on an environmental initiative to do our part in helping the environment. Please join us in taking up the Annual Sustainable Challenge in 2021 and let us know how you are doing on our Facebook and Twitter.

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Project Upgrade Webcam

The Government of Canada, the Government of New Brunswick and TransAqua are supporting the Wastewater Treatment Facility Upgrade and Modernization Project, which involves upgrading the existing advanced chemically assisted primary treatment process to that of a secondary level wastewater treatment system.

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Facility Upgrades

Currently, GMWC infrastructure consists of eight Remote Pumping Stations, 35 km of trunk sewers and tunnels, the Main Pumping Station located in Riverview, the Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF) also located at Outhouse Point in Riverview and a Composting Facility located in Moncton on a 140-hectare property.

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TransAqua is now the Greater Moncton Wastewater Commission’s official public face, brand and communication vehicle.

It is the next logical evolution from the Commission’s initial focus on collecting and treating sewage, to its leadership in terms of generating high quality and well accepted compost from biosolids.

The reinvigorated mandate of TransAqua is now on the quality of the output from its treatment process and discharge into the Petitcodiac River. The organizational focus is on environmental stewardship rather than purely on meeting regulatory requirements.

The Greater Moncton Wastewater Commission’s focus is now on our end product – CLEAN WATER

  • TransAqua - allows the emphasis to be placed on our objective: Transforming wastewater into clean water
  • Trans – reinforces the transformation process
  • Aqua – reinforces the water focus
  • It is also bilingual 

We hope you will enjoy visiting our web site where we have aimed to provide an overview of our activities from the operations, governance as well as community engagement and regulatory perspectives.

Any feedback you can provide is greatly appreciated as we aim to improve our communications efforts and best serve our stakeholder’s expectations.

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And remember our focus: “transforming wastewater back to nature”

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